Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Saving the World, One Bag at a Time

Hey y'all! Just getting in a post before we leave for the mountains. We're on our way as soon as Mom gets home at noon and we won't be back till Sunday.

My BagBag marathon continues, and I have successfully completed another that doubles as my first mosaic knitting project (I think it's mosaic knitting, I'm not positive. If not then it's my first slip-stitch colorwork project.) That white card is a price tag. By my reasoning, I think I can get $30 for this. (I have, however, given Peanut my permission to lower the prices a little if they're not selling.)
I have also made more doll stuff. These are shawls, and I've made another little bow tote. Thing 1 adores the little bags and has agreed to purchase several as soon as she is no longer broke.
This is a to-be-felted purse/bag type thingie for Thing 1(don't tell). She loves it, but(apparently) has no idea that it's for her. And I inted to keep it that way. I'm taking it with me to the mountains. I'll most likely finish it, which means that I'll most likely end up felting it by hand because the house we're renting doesn't have a washing maching. But I'm okay with hand-felting.
Gail took Thing 1 and I to our not-so-local yarn shop(we have a LYS, but this one is cool too) on Saturday. Gail and Thing 1 are taking knitting lessons there, and I just love going. I got some cool self-striping sock yarn. I will not be taking it to the mountains because I haven't found a suitable pattern yet.
One problem is that the label is written mostly in another language. I'm pretty sure it's German. Maybe something Scandinavian. I know the most important stuff, that it's machine washable and one ball is enough for 2 socks. Anybody recognize this label?
There's some text ab0ve the name that reads "heiB waschbar waschmaschinenfest garantiert filzfrei" I'm pretty sure that says something about machine-washable.

12383 people are ahead of me in line to get into ravelry. I'm still not obsessing.